Mar 6, 2009

80 of 365 Drive Thru

My "drive thru" ...
to my grandmother.
Unbeatable fast food and take away of all sorts
when needed and otherwise.


Vita Stunder said...

Vilken härlig tolkning! :)

Stämningsfull bild!

Danudin said...

Great shot but looks like a drive by, love the direction the snow has been swept.

Brita said...

This shot has actully been taken from the house, you can drive through from "there" to here and past the house.
That small building in the picture is an old warehouse.

alibony365 said...

That's the best drive thru yet! Very inviting photo and a nice destination.

365photosin2009 said...

What a nice idea for 'drive thru'. I wish I had access to one like that! ;-)