Mar 1, 2009

2 of 365 9 a.m. / Klockan 9.00

9.00 am - I've been thinking a lot about this one.
Then it hit me,
I was taking photos one morning quite recently
this one is taken 22.2.2009 at 9 am
actually a little past, but as close as possible.
That's what it looked like most mornings last week.
Here it's snowing but it looks mainly the same when it's raining or very foggy this time of the year.


Chesney said...

Looks freezing cold too! Nice moody shot!

EstherF said...

The angles of the fence, lightpoles, and trees bring some life into this dark looking scene. It must be lovely in the summer.

Danudin said...

It is a shamr there wasn't a theme "Dreary" cause that would fit. Don't worry it is a great shot of it and remember Spring is just around the corner, (You could use that in a song - if you want to)

Vita Stunder said...

Snö och snö och klockan 9 på morgonen, men det är verkligen en sån känsla i bilden. INTE EN SÅN DAG TILL!!
Bra jobbat vännen :)

Anonymous said...

I like these 9:00 a.m. shots a lot. Its fun to see what everyone's day is like at that hour....and yours look cold and bleak just like most of mine! ;-)

mljrbg said...

Beautiful dreary photograph. Spring will come!!