Mar 31, 2009

136 Hair / Hår / Hiukset

A bit of beautiful hair,
a pity I didnt' capture it from the side...
but I like the golden nuances

Mar 30, 2009

29 of 365 Bodies of Water / Vattensamlingar

Water in the pond,
water in the lily

342 of 365 Underneath / Nedanför

You have to pass underneath this leave
when going from one greenhouse to another
in Ruissalo Botanical Garden.
It's just fabulous.

336 of 365 Trash Or Treasure? / Skräp eller skatt? / Romua vai rautaa?

This may look like trash
but this excavator isn't finished yet,
it's still a treasure for my uncle.
And a miracle
that it's still there in the garden...
This was my first choice for this theme as "the thing" has been around for so long and really looks like crap.

302 of 365 Steeple / Kyrktorn / Kirkontorni

One of my favorite buildings
and steeples
Turun Tuomiokirkko / Åbo Domkyrka / Turku Cathedral
Turku Cathedral is regarded as Finland’s most valuable monument of architectural history. The construction took place in stages up to the first decades of the 19th century. The greatest changes in appearance happened in the 15th and 16th centuries. Most of the present interior dates back to the restoration after the Great Fire of Turku (1827).
More info in English here.
Thru this link you can get to the Virtual Turku site, where you can take a look inside this church by klicking the round pictures. They will show you a 360 degree viewing, just wait and the picture will start to move.
The site is in Finnish as it's still under construction, but I think the main idea is great.
On the page there are links to other churches in Turku as well.

111 of 365 From Ground Level / Från marknivå / Maasta katsoen

From ground level seen,
not exactly a ususal sight here in Finland
but all toghether possible to see in a botanical garden.
And I know those bananas taste really good.

Mar 28, 2009

PhotoHunt - Hands

Hands are really fascinating,
especially for a little one.
Comforting hands
are fascinating to everyone,
it's amazing how they can soothe and make everyting all right.And the hand of a friend,
that's endless possibilities
for both

153 How About This Weather ? / Vad sägs om vädret?

Snow and more snow.
I was wondering about the weather, admiring the big flakes
and wishing that we've got this before Christmas.
Then I just had to try and capture the flakes...which turned out quite all right. The feeling is right with the colors. The bigger image shows the flakes and their intensity a bit better.

Mar 26, 2009

150 of 365 Holes / Hål

These are the kind of holes that I'm looking forward to finding more,
the kind of holes that tell you, that spring is just a few drops away.
Water dripping down from a roof and the snow is melting.

Mar 25, 2009

74 of 365 Dangerous / Farlig / Vaarallinen

This thing can be very dangerous if not properly worked with,
as does my uncle in the picture below.
He's always very cautious and has tons of good advice, tricks
and instructions on how to get things done properly.

56 of 365 Clouds / Moln / Pilviä

Clouds outside my window this evening.
Some 10 minutes earlier there was a snowstorm, as shown in the picture below. Bizarre eveningweather with a couple of fast, 10-15 minute snowstorms.
I've had enough of snow, thanks

Mar 23, 2009

223 of 365 Pair / Par / Pari

A pair of Orchids
I do love these white ones,
unfortunately I'm not very good with the names of Orchids, or any other flowers for that matter, my uncle is the master in that field.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Turku,
located in the city of Turku


Mar 22, 2009

175 of 365 Logs / Stockar

This is our family gym
and represents the main bodybuilding genre for me.
As my grandma says, logs are so wonderful they keep you warm at least 4 times over (pardon me my possibly falting translation): first when you cut down the tree, then when you take them home, third when you make them the right size for wherever you're going to use them and then
at last is the fire itself that warms you.
We've found out that it's usually more then 4 times over, as we do have to move the trees in many lots due to smaller transportation, which in turn makes it a prefect gym experience in fresh air.

71 of 365 Curly / Lockig / Kihara

This green soft curly stuff
survives even here outside during the summer.
Photo taken at Ruissalo Botanical Gardens Greenhouse

48 of 365 Childhood Favorite / Barndomsfavorit

My favorite childhood chair
is still in good shape and use at my grandmothers.
It's been made by one of the late uncles for the children of the previous generation some 75 years ago. It's really comfortable to sit on even for adults.
I've actually used it today too...

39 of 365 Candellight / Ljus / Kynttilänvalo

My favorite kind of candles
small tealights
preferably with a hint of vanilla.
This one is in my kitchen

Mar 21, 2009

PhotoHunt - Yellow

Detail of an old building in the centre of Turku .
I love those old yellow buildings with character,
if just those walls could talk...

Mar 20, 2009

44 of 365 Chains / Kedjor / Ketjuja

Green chains
When I saw this amazing plant in the Ruissalo botanical gardens I thought it's perfect for this theme.

Mar 19, 2009

24 of 365 Bent / Krokig

Beautifully bent.
Or then maybe

10 of 365 Aged / Åldrad / Vanhentunut

How people age...
90 years ago
she was one brave 7 year old
good little girl
the smallest sister

Mar 17, 2009

203 of 365 Numbers / Nummer / Numeroita

Numbers in the night
Turku Energia power plant pipe - art in the city of Turku
Can you figure out the idea with the numbers?

I think the number-thing is something called Fibonacci or some such. The thing goes like this:
In my opinion zero, the first number, should show too but it doesn't.
and this could still continue

6 of 365 Abstract / Abstrakt

Ghostly Brightly Abstract
Turned out better than I thought...

Mar 16, 2009

362 pf 365 Windows / Fönster / Ikkuna

Old windows are so fascinating,
just think about all the things they have seen
or might have seen...
They were needed
They were lovingly built
They've been agandoned
They've been missed
They are remembered
And still
there they are

365 of 365 Yellow / Gul / Keltainen

My yellow spring favorite
here again...

Mar 14, 2009

PhotoHunt - Four

Spring is in the air and sun is shining.
Same place on 2 different days,
wonder if they're the same birds or not?

Mar 8, 2009

5 of 365 Abandoned / Övergiven / Hylätty

This beautiful old house has been abandoned for most of my life.
There was a nice couple living in this house when I was little, but when their time was to move from this world, there hasn't been anyone living there. It's a pity really.
I have such a hard time understanding why people cannot sell their empty old homesteads to someone who cares, who would live there and take care of these buildings built with hard work and love, instead of leaving them empty and abandoned for years.

229 of 365 Paws / Tassar / Tassut

My Cat Therapist has really tender paws.
They are just purrrfect...
as only an elderly experienced therapists can be.

295 of 365 Somethings Missing / Nånting fattas

Where are the birds?
There were so many birds eating there when I went to get my camera. Also when I got back. But somehow they are all missing in this shot...

300 of 365 Spring / Vår / Kevät

The first signs of spring
Beautiful sunshine and snow is melting
birds sing and spring is in the air

Mar 7, 2009

PhotoHunt - Space

Space to breathe
Space to live
Space to be

333 of 365 Tower / Torn / Torni

Turun Tuomiokirkko / Åbo Domkyrka
Turku Cathedral tower

Mar 6, 2009

350 of 365 Wall / Vägg

The Wall
This barn is built by my grandfather a long, long time ago.
Built well and still in use.

80 of 365 Drive Thru

My "drive thru" ...
to my grandmother.
Unbeatable fast food and take away of all sorts
when needed and otherwise.

97 of 365 Feline Friends / Katter / Kissaystävät

Cat Therapy Departement

Mar 3, 2009

251 of 365 Razor Sharp / Rakbladsvass /Terävä

I had never thought how dangerous a tree can bee, before we found this one in the Botanical Gardens. Those "horns" are razor sharp. The tree is really big and so are these "horns" that grow out of it.
What if one just fell against that tree?

283 of 365 Silhouette / Siluette

And there it was, the perfect silhouette, in the snow.
Waiting for the summer...

279 of 365 Shadows / Skuggor


I was trying to find "The Abstract" but found snow, beautiful shapes and shadows instead. Allthough I might have found my abstract too...

Mar 1, 2009

36 of 365 Broken / Sönder; bruten / Rikki; poikki

My babys foot is broken.
Luckily it's mending well and we're looking forward to the doctors appointment this Wednesday after which things should be more back to normal again.

2 of 365 9 a.m. / Klockan 9.00

9.00 am - I've been thinking a lot about this one.
Then it hit me,
I was taking photos one morning quite recently
this one is taken 22.2.2009 at 9 am
actually a little past, but as close as possible.
That's what it looked like most mornings last week.
Here it's snowing but it looks mainly the same when it's raining or very foggy this time of the year.

51 of 365 City Lights / Stadsljus / Kaupungin valot

The Aura River in Turku, Finland

28 of 365 Blue / Blå

One always thinks that snow is white
but it can be very blue too.
I'm still amazed about this beautiful shade that I captured
when admiring the paw prints.
The original photo really is blue.