Apr 28, 2009

My Magic Forrest - Nr 2

Magic Forrest Part 2

My Magic Forrest - Nr 1

Magic Forrest Part 1

Apr 27, 2009

285 Silver and Gold / Silver och Guld / Hopeaa ja kultaa

Beautiful old with
Silver and Gold
They've done an amazing job on this car. The gold roof and seating is fabulous and the top coat of paint or lacquer seems to have a dash of gold in it too.

341 of 365 Two / Två / Kaksi

The first two I've found this spring.
I hope there to be many more till Mothers Day so that I can pick some to my Grandma E

132 of 365 Growing / Växande / Kasvava

As I was working in the garden I found an amazing colorful little thing growing under some leaves. Spring is here - the rhubarb is on it's way growing into something delicious!
The leaves provide a great shelter for many a small thing living in our gardens.

356 of 365 What Am I ? / Vad är jag? / Mikä minä olen?

A colorful monster?
Something dangerous?
Or disgusting?
What is it that I found in the garden?

Apr 26, 2009

218 of 365 Out to Lunch / Ut på lunch / Lounaalla

There was quite a buzz under my grandma's apple tree during lunch time...

273 of 365 Seeds / Frön / Siemenet

I surprised myself by finding seeds in this shot,
the spring fashion of bees.
I never thought I'd managed to get a fashion shot like this,
I know it's pollen, but...

358 of 365 What's Inside? / Vad finns där inne?

Is there anything inside this one?
A hard days work
to bee or not to bee...

Apr 24, 2009

PhotoHunt - Protection

It's important to think about protection when working in different conditions.
Also noice can be too muchAnd this is all together different kind of protection
but it has noice involved in it too.

Apr 23, 2009

272 of 365 Security / Säkerhet / Turva

Provides security in amazing races of places...

Apr 22, 2009

344 of 365 Up On Top / På toppen / Huipulla

This must be the queen sitting on top of her castle
And how high... I just have to show you. I'm quite pleased with these pictures.

139 of 365 Hands / Händer / Kädet

My mothers hands

Apr 21, 2009

94 of 365 Fasteners

These fasteners hold together bits of the old stone wall
of Turku Castle

Springcolors / Vårfärger - Grandma's Garden

It doesn't look too bright when one looks at the view as such.
Especially around this three at my Grandma's garden, that I showed before.
But when one starts looking around, there are some colorful glimpses of spring present
Reds and greens and browns...
I think the brown nuances in the next shot are just perfect,
old meets new so smoothly
Purple and white with a bit of orange
and with a little bit of green too
and maybe a bit of white and yellow
or a bit more red and brown
Surprise, surprise - a bit of blue!And totally beautifully green
And some grey shades can really bring out any colors.

Apr 20, 2009

137 of 365 Halls of Jutice / Domstol / Tuomioistuin

The side gate to The Court of Appeal of Turku
A better picture of the house can be found here, where there is also a link in English to the Finnish judicial system. Another picture here.
The roof of this gate is very beautiful.

Apr 19, 2009

359 of 365 Repeating Pattern / Upprepat möster / Toistuva kuvio

I like stripes and see several repeating patterns here.
Do you see them?

235 of 365 Places of Worship

Marttilan kirkko - the curch in Marttila, Finland
This is the parish third church and it is built in 1765.
The parish, Parrochia sancti Martini, is mentioned for the first time in late 1300 Finnish church books, but then there was only a small, probably catholic, chapel near this place.

260 of 365 Rest In Peace

I visited the churchyard in Marttila, Finland this week and remembered this theme. This is no relative of mine, but I find these old crosses so beautiful with all their ornaments. Unfortunately there aren't too many of them left anymore. And on this one there's also a psalm mentioned, which I haven't seen on any others. I wonder if it's because this cross is for a young boy.
May he still rest in peace.

258 of 365 Relaxation

Cats are masters of relaxation.
I thought my senior Therapist to be the perfect example of this
when relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.
I'm sure he was thinking about the cold wind blowing outside
and how lucky he is to have this special spot just for him.

My more purple shots...

I seem to have managed several purple or purplish... shots during two days...

246 of 365 Purple / Lila / Liila

The first outdoor purple flower of 2009
that I've taken a picture of

Apr 17, 2009

PhotoHunt - Purple

Love the shades of purple that
are always wonderful in flowers.
Would love to have a purple evening gown too...

Apr 16, 2009

197 of 365 Neglected / Försummad

The service of this car has definitely been neglected...

189 of 365 Moving / Rörligt / Liikkuva

Moving to another feeding station...