Apr 13, 2009

76 of 365 Dirt / Smuts / Likaa

These chicks are so cute,
but where there's chicks there's dirt everywhere,
like in their water, their food, on the glass of their box, on them...
There's just so much going on most of the time that
one just cannot stay pretty and neat all the time.


Chesney said...

Little balls of fluffy feathers! I want one (without the dirt, please)! LOL

Sunny said...

Beautiful babies, aren't they (dirt or no dirt)? I want some baby chicks to raise here. I've got plans for a chicken coop and pen, but since it's not built yet, it'll likely be next year before I get the chicks. (I want females--fresh eggs, yum! But I intend them to be pets first!)
I want Americaunas. They lay eggs with green shells!

Love your photo of those cuties!

lijola said...

Cute chicks - they are messy! Cute way to address theme.

mljrbg said...

Even though they are dirty they sure are cute!!