Apr 19, 2009

258 of 365 Relaxation

Cats are masters of relaxation.
I thought my senior Therapist to be the perfect example of this
when relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.
I'm sure he was thinking about the cold wind blowing outside
and how lucky he is to have this special spot just for him.


Danudin said...

Definitely a master hard at work doing what he does best. Great capture of a contented carnivore.

mitt vattenhål said...

Yes a cat is perfect for this theme, the masters of relaxation at almost any time. Guess people could learn something from them in this stressed world. To relax just a little bit......

Vita Stunder said...

Det är dom verkligen! :)
Riktiga livsnjutare :)

Hoppas du haft en fin helg!

mljrbg said...

Cats are so good at finding the sunniest places to relax!! This is such a cute photograph with gorgeous lighting.