Dec 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010!

I didn't finish the challenge of 365 photos in 2009 as there been so much other stuff going on these past few week. Actually the shots are there but they won't be shown in the blog before 2009 runs out here.
It's been fun and challenging and I'll finish the challenge when I'm back at my computer in 2010.
Take care & have fun!

331 of 365 Times Gone By

331 of 365 Times Gone By

338 of 365 Triangle

several triangles

351 of 365 Warnings

347 of 365 Vacations & Holidays

Stockholm, Sweden

349 of 365 Vine

A beautiful old door surrounded by some vine that I don't know the name of

355 Weights and Measurements

This time more measurements all though I'm certain that old seamen could count some weights out of this one too

346 of 365 Urban

Urban environment right in the centre of the city of Stockholm, Sweden

154 of 365 Humor

128 of 365 = MOT 10 Archipelago

The original theme being Greek made me think of the Greek Archipelago. As I haven't been to Greece and doesn't have a shot of a greek salad either, I thought that the Finnish Archipelago would do for this one.

116 of 365 Futuristic

110 of 365 Free

Free as a bird

108 of 365 For Sale

Need a drive?

93 of 365 Fashion

Always in fashion...

90 of 365 = MOT 9 Winter Wonderland

87 of 365 Exercise

This hand was very badly broken May 2009 and needs a lot of exercise to get better. Mr T has been very very good with his exercises and the hand functions now millions better than anyone expected during last summer. No additional surgery was needed during autumn, that all is postponed till 2010 or later. depending on how it mends. But it hurts all the time, exercise helps and patience, which is probably the hardest part.

81 of 365 Earrings

This was a difficult one to manage, but luckily, there was one on this picture

77 of 365 Discount

Not much hope of any discounts in the old town area of Stockholm during the summer time. No luck with specials on beer but a bit better with coffee & cakes, but we had got a bargain on beverages on the ferry the night before...

75 of 365 Dessert

Oh those strawberries...I can still taste them

73 of 365 Cutlery

Cutlery, oh yes, you can find that somewhere there....I hope...

70 of 365 Culture

Thought about the old theater but ended up with a picture of Turku Main Library
where one can find a lot of information regarding different cultures
it's also a place for cultural events
Turku City Library

148 of 365 Historic / Historisk / Historiallinen

Turun Linna
Åbo Slott

Dec 29, 2009

I promise...

to visit your blogs and comment on your shots as you so kindly visit me. It's amazing how much inspiration and good sprits you all spread around. And fantastic shots!
Thank you for inspiring me and sharing a bit of you with all of us out here.
The last few weeks have unfortunately been a bit too busy for me, tomorrow I'll try and but up some more shots and then....
as a famous action hero says: "I'll be back!"

62 of 365 Computer

57 of 365 Clown

I must admit that Santa can be quite a clown at times when preparing all the visits to those waiting for him to come.
I had to take this photo on such an occasion as he wanted to know if his hair was ok at the back.... I just wonder who would notice when his always wearing his hat? But it looks ok....

16 of 365 Award / Utmärkelse

I didn't get an award for my first appearance & performance as Mrs Santa on our first "gig" 21st December at a Christmas party together with Mr Santa, but we did have a good time.
Oh but I did get a pair of socks...

46 of 365 Chalk / Krita

Chalk white

14 of 365 Artificial / Konstgjord

My uncle used to be one out looking for the perfect Christmas tree every year, but now he has had this artificial tree for several years standing on the same spot. The whole tree glows and changes color and it looks a bit strange and even spooky in daylight, but is quite pretty in when evening comes.

21 of 365 Bargains / Fynd

Bargains found in my kitchen.
I wanted a new lamp in the kitchen for Christmas but.... after thinking about it back and forth I recalled something I've seen in one decorating magazine, I think, some years ago. I was actually trying to find something in a closet and then found something else and then something....and after a gigantic "AHA!" the summary of all that was more rumbling in my kitchen cupboards and a new lampshade for Christmas.
Not bad at all, if I say it myself.
The cookie cutters can easily been "borrowed" for other use when needed...

Santa Baby...

Been busy with Santa.....
but now "back to basics", work and trying to get the project 365 completed.

Dec 14, 2009

288 of 365 Sleepy

352 of 365 Watch

to watch, that is....
and very intently at that

83 of 365 Eight / Åtta / Kahdeksan

I just noticed the number 8 on the building, a photo I took one day waiting for my son.
This is nr 8 at Piispankatu, Turku,
the Technical faculty house of Åbo Akademi University

289 of 365 Smoke / Rök / Savua

309 of 365 Summer Fun

340 of 365 Turkey or Fowl?

Neither.... a bit bending the theme, but this is the only bird I found, near my house anyways...

357 of 365 What's for Dinner?

Dining out in December...

Dec 10, 2009

120 of 365 Gentle

Gentle is the night...

319 of 365 The Games We Play

The Finnish outdoor game Mölkky

107 of 365 Footwear

"the fashion March 2009"

Dec 2, 2009

307 of 365 Stuck / Fast

182 of 365 Memories of Childhood

When I was a little girl, this house was still painted red and an old couple was living there. I always got a cookie if I went this far from my grandma's house, the whole 30 meters or so. But it was very far away for a small girl and I wasn't allowed to go that far on my own, even if I had dared to do that. The owners of this house don't come there ever and it's a shame that they don't want to sell it either, why I just don't understand. Otherwise that would have been our house for many years now. The man living just next door, to the left just outside the picture takes care of the garden and surroundings as he want's it to look kept.

225 of 365 Partners