Dec 2, 2009

182 of 365 Memories of Childhood

When I was a little girl, this house was still painted red and an old couple was living there. I always got a cookie if I went this far from my grandma's house, the whole 30 meters or so. But it was very far away for a small girl and I wasn't allowed to go that far on my own, even if I had dared to do that. The owners of this house don't come there ever and it's a shame that they don't want to sell it either, why I just don't understand. Otherwise that would have been our house for many years now. The man living just next door, to the left just outside the picture takes care of the garden and surroundings as he want's it to look kept.


kaye said...

what nice memories

Ninni said...

Vilka idylliska brndomsminnen du har! Lydig var du också :)
Vad synd att paret som äger huset inte utnyttjar det. Men de kanske har barn som tar över?