May 31, 2009


We've been blessed with the beautiful warm summer weather for a couple of days now. I'm so happy for that eventhough a lot of flowers will be blooming too quickly.
Thank god there are so many different kind of flowers!

May 29, 2009

Photo Hunt - Books

Keeper of the books
Findus the Cat.
He's my favorite cat from the series Pettsson och Findus
(farmer Pettson and his quirky cat Findus)
by the Swedish author Sven Norqvist.
You can find a sample page from one of the books here.
Findus is trying to hold my wandering books in one place, it seems that the cooking related ones are his favorite...

May 26, 2009

297 of 365 = My Own Theme2: My Neighbour / Grannenmin

We share a garden
We greet every morning
We keep our distance
but who watches who?

343 of 365 Unfinished / Oavslutat

The work on the fence is still unfinished
though the deck and it's roof are now finished, quite an contrast...

274 of 365 Selective Focus

Selective Focus & Ford Focus
I've been experimenting with the selective focus idea and have tried, among other things, to capture rain. Then it hit me that this shot is just perfect for the theme - heavy rain, drops moving about, focus here and there and a Ford Focus involved in the picture.

May 24, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Summer must be here -
there was a thunderstorm yesterday...
The colors of the sky are so amazing...and then heavy rainSummer must be here -
there was a thunderstorm yesterday...

May 18, 2009

306 of 365 Stripes / Randigt / Raidat

can be found in amazing places, you just have to look properly.
I didn't see the stripes when taking this shot, just something young and springy, full of life and on it's way becoming something.
Today I saw the stripes
I now also see the shy beauty in the shy pose.
Just wait till the striped apron is taken off
and out comes the hidden beauty.

My Own Theme 1 of 365 Spring / Vår / Kevät

Spring, glorious spring...

47 of 365 Childhood Antics / Barndomsminne / Lapsuuden muisto

When I was a child, these were found in a special place
one place only
my grandmothers garden.
The tiniest, loveliest, most precious blue flowers that I had ever seen, that I always waited to find again. And that I now have growing in my own garden.
I still love these and it's also my favorite shade of blue.
Förgät mig ej - Forget me not!

50 of 365 Circle / Cirkel / Ympyrä

Circles in life
they come and go
they multiply
they are regular in shape
but irregular in size and amount
Give me a new circle!

63 of 365 Concrete or Cement / Betong eller cement

Something steady to stand upon
is always good to have
for everyone
also a roof

May 17, 2009

162 of 365 Jumping / Hoppa

222 of 365 Painted / Målad / Maalattu

Freshly painted beams with the first coat of white

32 of 365 Boy / Pojke / Poika

The Boy
My Boy
I'm so proud
He can do anything he sets his mind on
He's practically built this terrace and the roof is coming up too
The old boy
my father
has merely been there as advisor
He's quite proud too

May 16, 2009

Photo Hunt - Painted

I'm always amazed how incredibly some people can paint cars.
This shot is not good enough to show all the details, but the overall look is already amazing. The black part looks like it's really ripped off and the red flames are done brilliantly.
The mysterius greyish net is not part of the painting though but caused by all the lights and whatever reflecting everywhere,
The cleverest painter of all is though mother nature.
Here's a series of red touchesI had to include this last one, my choice of red in my garden pots

May 14, 2009

19 of 365 Backlighting / Bakgrundsbelysning

On a cloudy day one can be surprised with the amount of suddenly backlighted fotos. Most of them can be deleted straight away. This was an exception to the rule...

May 13, 2009

13 May - Beautiful Pink

I just wish I had this kind of sky at home too!
Lucky though that I can visit one...

242 of 365 - A Follow Up

The bud that said - Prohibited!
Lives in one of the greenhouses at Turku Botanical Garden, Ruissalo, FinlandThe bud in itself can also be found quite ugly and creepy at times,
but then again, who is on his or her best behaviour at all times?Our many faces are also fantastic magic of nature

May 10, 2009

163 of 365 Kids These Days / Dagesn barn

Kids these days need all kind of different things to play with in the park. When I was their age it was nice to even have a couple of swings...

305 of 365 Street Scene

Another quiet street scene from this part of the world. This tims it's from the childrens news traffic town, where they can practise driving with tramp cars, bicycles or by walking. And the shot was taken late one evening why there's not any children present.
Don't worry, I'm not the only person around here, the "real town" and life is really not this quiet.

301 of 365 Stairs / Trappor

Is this the stairway to heaven?
Unfortunately not...

278 of 365 Shades of Grey / Gråa nyanser

A beautiful, sunny dizzy spring day can show real shades of grey.
This is the original picture

Morsdag / Äitienpäivä / Mothers Day

May 9, 2009

Photo Hunt - In Memory

My sons Grandpa
passed away last September
He's always in our memories
The men in the picture knew him a lot longer,
they fought together with him
in the wars some 70 years ago
when they were young boys
They secured an independent Finland
We're always thankful to all of them
especially to our grandpa's, mine and my sons.

242 of 365 Prohibited / Förbjudet / Kielletty

Quite sharply
entering our area.
Don't come, don't touch,
what are you doing here?
We're special
and something more special will be here soon

345 of 365 Upside Down Or Inside Out / Upp och ner eller ut och in

In and on water
it's easy to be upside down or inside out,
or is it?
What is what?

May 7, 2009

234 of 365 Pink

Sometimes something blue can be beautifully pink
Natures wonders...

180 of 365 March to a Different Drummer / Gå i annan takt

Can you see the drummers?
Who knows which one to follow?

121 of 365 Ghosts / Spöken / Aaveita

A ghost?
A ship?
Or both?

May 6, 2009

155 of 365 Imperfect / Bristfällig / Puutteellinen

What is imperfect?
Imperfect can be beautifully perfect
at the first glance
at the second glance
at the last glance.
It's the whole picture that matters

106 of 365 Food Glorius Food! / Mat underbar mat!

Glorius junk food!
I'm almost addicted to these...

101 of 365 Flags / Flaggor / Liput

Kemistklubben vid Åbo Akademi r.f. flagga
My son insisted on this one, this is "The Flag" with mr Axel,
the flag of the Chemistry Club in Åbo Akademi University in Turku, the Swedish University in town. The Chemistry Club memembers all study in the Faculty of Technology, departement of Chemical Engineering.
The flag up there the last day of April is a practical joke, someone's been there and switched the national flag to this one. It happens every year, several times during this day and this year the fourth attempt was left up for a longer time somehow.
Last of April all stundents, old and new, get together and selebrate that spring is here

May 5, 2009

172 of 365 Lines / Linjer / Viivat

The lines of life...

May 4, 2009

8 Things Meme

I have been tagget by Mudhooks as a recipient of this meme.

8 things meme

Rules are simple, list 8 things you look forward to, 8 things you did yesterday, 8 things you wish you could do. Then tag 8 people and let them know they've been tagged with the meme.

8 things I look forward to:
1. Summer
2. Payday
3. Meeting new people
4. Getting the roof on my terrace/deck done
5. Getting our doors fixed (have waited for the final touches since November)
6. Finishing my studies (work related)
7. Travels near and far
8. Good times with friends

8 things that I did yesterday
1. Missed my lazy morning due to a call from my cousin
2. Visited my uncle
3. Took a lot of photos
4. Got some homework done
5. Had a meal outside
6. Baked a cake
7. Planned the building of the roof with our neighbours
8. Met another cousin (he has planned the roof...)

8 things I wish I could do
1. Take really good photos
2. Win the lottery and start a new kind of life
3. Have a new car. I drive around a lot due to different reasons...
4. Be more decisive - You can do what you want if you just set your mind on it...
5. Be in better shape without exercising
6. Travel and visit interesting places
7. Paint like the impressionists
8. Have a house with a garden

8 shows I watch on TV. I don't watch so much TV anymore...
1. Emmerdale
2. E.R.
3. Dr House
4. C.S.I
5. Desperate Houswives
6. some of the "how to fix you house and/or garden" - shows on different channels
7. Amazing Race
8. Heroes

Now who to tag? I choose too to throw it open to anyone who wants to do this meme.

May 3, 2009

Sippor - Vuokkoja III

Runsala/Ruissalo 04/2009

Sippor - Vuokkoja II

Runsala/Ruissalo 04/2009

Sippor - Vuokkoja I

Runsala / Ruissalo 04/2009