May 18, 2009

47 of 365 Childhood Antics / Barndomsminne / Lapsuuden muisto

When I was a child, these were found in a special place
one place only
my grandmothers garden.
The tiniest, loveliest, most precious blue flowers that I had ever seen, that I always waited to find again. And that I now have growing in my own garden.
I still love these and it's also my favorite shade of blue.
Förgät mig ej - Forget me not!


Ninni said...

De är otroligt söta ,förgätmigejen! Vilken underbar blå färg mot det dunkla mörkgröna. Roligt med såna minnen från de gamla släktingarna.
Må så gott!

Chesney said...

I bet every time you see them they remind you of your grandma! What beautiful delicate flowers!

Vita Stunder said...

Vackra blommor - fyllda med minnen även för mig.

~ ennui ~ said...

sweet memory and lovely story....

Anonymous said...

What a sweet reminder of childhood and of your grandma. Your shot is so pretty - I'm really attracted to flowers against a darkened background like this.