May 18, 2009

306 of 365 Stripes / Randigt / Raidat

can be found in amazing places, you just have to look properly.
I didn't see the stripes when taking this shot, just something young and springy, full of life and on it's way becoming something.
Today I saw the stripes
I now also see the shy beauty in the shy pose.
Just wait till the striped apron is taken off
and out comes the hidden beauty.


Chesney said...

First glance, I didn't see the stripes either, now that is all I see! I have to get these eyes "trained"! :)

Vita Stunder said...

Jag såg inte linjerna först heller..
Men nu ser jag dom klart ;)

Kram Anna

mljrbg said...

Beautiful series of flowers!! Once you find the stripes they jump right out at you.

Ninni said...

Javisst är de randiga..Vackra kastanjeblad, för visst är det såna?

Anonymous said...

Åh vacker tolkning av temat! Helt klart randigt. /Viktoria