May 4, 2009

8 Things Meme

I have been tagget by Mudhooks as a recipient of this meme.

8 things meme

Rules are simple, list 8 things you look forward to, 8 things you did yesterday, 8 things you wish you could do. Then tag 8 people and let them know they've been tagged with the meme.

8 things I look forward to:
1. Summer
2. Payday
3. Meeting new people
4. Getting the roof on my terrace/deck done
5. Getting our doors fixed (have waited for the final touches since November)
6. Finishing my studies (work related)
7. Travels near and far
8. Good times with friends

8 things that I did yesterday
1. Missed my lazy morning due to a call from my cousin
2. Visited my uncle
3. Took a lot of photos
4. Got some homework done
5. Had a meal outside
6. Baked a cake
7. Planned the building of the roof with our neighbours
8. Met another cousin (he has planned the roof...)

8 things I wish I could do
1. Take really good photos
2. Win the lottery and start a new kind of life
3. Have a new car. I drive around a lot due to different reasons...
4. Be more decisive - You can do what you want if you just set your mind on it...
5. Be in better shape without exercising
6. Travel and visit interesting places
7. Paint like the impressionists
8. Have a house with a garden

8 shows I watch on TV. I don't watch so much TV anymore...
1. Emmerdale
2. E.R.
3. Dr House
4. C.S.I
5. Desperate Houswives
6. some of the "how to fix you house and/or garden" - shows on different channels
7. Amazing Race
8. Heroes

Now who to tag? I choose too to throw it open to anyone who wants to do this meme.

1 comment:

Mudhooks said...

Thanks for participating! It is interesting getting to know people a little better!

I have to say that, like you, I have been watching TV less than I have in the past (my mother used to call me "Square eyes" when I was a teen). We grew up without a television or radio and I sort of made up for lost time, at least with the TV, when we finally DID get one.

The tv was always right near my computer. Now that I have moved it across the room facing my bed, I spend almost no time watching.

I have made a point, though, of going down to the living room and watching TV with my Mom in the evening for a while. It is more to be spending time with her than to watch the box.....