May 9, 2009

Photo Hunt - In Memory

My sons Grandpa
passed away last September
He's always in our memories
The men in the picture knew him a lot longer,
they fought together with him
in the wars some 70 years ago
when they were young boys
They secured an independent Finland
We're always thankful to all of them
especially to our grandpa's, mine and my sons.


Danudin said...

Respects by Comrades in Arms is the Ultimate Tribute, pity the last who will stand there.

rajson said...

Finsk begravning i "ett nötskal".Tänk vad viktigt dessa "krigsvänner" är för de som var med.Kan inte vara så många kvar.Min morfar som dog som 92 åring levde de sista åren nästan bara genom sina veteranvänner och minnen.
En stor skillnad mellan svensk och finsk begravning är att man har alltid fotograferat mycket mer under de finska!
Ha det gott!

tterlyn said...

Looks like a very respectful ceremony. the lighting is wonderful. Give thanks to our Soldiers and Family's.

Chesney said...

What a beautiful and emotional tribute!

mljrbg said...

This is such a beautiful tribute.

kaye said...

thanks for sharing, Hope you can stop by to view my photo hunt

Anonymous said...

wonderful tribute to him. It sounds like he had a long life.