May 6, 2009

101 of 365 Flags / Flaggor / Liput

Kemistklubben vid Åbo Akademi r.f. flagga
My son insisted on this one, this is "The Flag" with mr Axel,
the flag of the Chemistry Club in Åbo Akademi University in Turku, the Swedish University in town. The Chemistry Club memembers all study in the Faculty of Technology, departement of Chemical Engineering.
The flag up there the last day of April is a practical joke, someone's been there and switched the national flag to this one. It happens every year, several times during this day and this year the fourth attempt was left up for a longer time somehow.
Last of April all stundents, old and new, get together and selebrate that spring is here

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Chesney said...

Love how you included a close up of the flag as well!