Aug 31, 2009

34 of 365 Breakfast / Frukost / Aamiainen

Breakfast pick-nick in Stockholm 26. August
very early in the morning

13 of 365 Architechtural details / Arkitektoniska detaljer

These details are found in Stockholm
and I wish I had a lamp like that too, among other things

8 of 365 Adolesence / Ungdom / Nuoriso

One could almost be green with envy...

7 of 365 Accessories / Accessoarer

Seeds need accessories...
Well, who doesn't...

Aug 26, 2009

339 of 365 Trio


Aug 23, 2009

Summer Sunset 4

Swedish Archipelago
Stockholm - Turku

Summer Sunset 3

Healing of the soul...
I'm just so amazed by the different colors during sunset

Summer Sunset 2

Swedish Archipelago
Stockholm - Turku

Summer Sunset 1

Swedish Archipelago
Stockholm - Turku

311 of 365 Sunset / Solnedgång / Auringonlasku

205 of 365 Obession

308 of 365 Summer

A peak to the garden

Aug 9, 2009

314 of 365 Swirls / Virvlar

The birds were making their swirls while looking for the fish
in the swirls the ferry boat made when turning around in the harbour

310 of 365 Sunday / Söndag / Sunnuntai

Summer Sunday morning
bright sunshine, coffee outside
and I got some visitors, lots of them...
in my yellow flowers, aren't they beautiful?

265 of 365 Rural / Lantlig / Maalainen

My favorite rural environment
actually a tiny part of it

Aug 8, 2009

216 of 365 Our Town / Vår Stad / Meidän kaupunkimme

The small towns where I spend most of my time, are all located by the sea. They all have suburbs, some of rather rural kind too, that have beautiful seaside lots. Some old houses have been renovated, other lots have been rebuilt now with really modern houses. No lots come cheap anymore.
I prefer this older kind of peaceful existence by the sea and there's also a beautiful old villa just behind the trees.

360 of 365 Who Put That There? / Vem satt det där dit?

Lisää kuva

187 or 365 Monotone

117 of 365 Gap

Mind the gap!
Especially with high heels...

Aug 7, 2009

Photo Hunt - Low

Some peaks at the sea from deck 13 on a ferry boat
can show some beautiful shapes down low
as well as someone flying low for one reason or another
or a get together
and a small town can look even smaller
all though the main aim was on the beautiful clouds and how you can see the rain falling down as a thunder storm just started.

Aug 6, 2009

290 of 365 Smooth / Mjuk / Pehmeä

Smooth sea and waves
The calm before a storm?
Actually a bit away from a thunderstorm, that we luckily missed.

275 of 365 Sense of Motion

A dizzy day out on the sea
Sense the emptiness
Sense the sea
Sense the boat slowly getting further and further away
What's better out there?
Do you know?
I'm staying...sensible or not...

255 of 365 Red / Röd / Punainen

Amazing shades of red

109 of 365 Foreign / Utländsk / Ulkomaalainen

From Oslo, Norway
visiting Turku, Finland in July 2009

123 of 365 Go Fish ! / Fiska / Kalastaa

Go fish!
Should I?
Now or later?
Or maybe farther away....
difficult decision...

MOT 6: 326b Things With Wings

Two more traditional things with wings

Aug 5, 2009

326 of 365 Things With Wings / Saker med vingar / Siivelliset

Quite an original thing with wings
captured just before the rain started

99 of 365 Film

Film = the name of a film

Aug 2, 2009

Photo Hunt - Entertainment

Nature, always nature
entertaining and calm
just as you wish and need
friends and water