Jul 30, 2009

286 of 365 Skeletal / Skelettaktig / Luurankomainen

I've always thought this flower was skeletal
looking beautifully dead
being wonderfully alive
and holding on there for quite a while after it's picked up

313 of 365 Swim / Simma

When small boys swim

MOT 5: 287c of 365 Skin

Skin of paint
painted skin...

MOT 4: 287b of 365 Skin

Rocky skin...

287 of 365 Skin / Hud / Iho

Skin Skin
but skin

281 of 365 MOT 3 = Skintight

Rocking skintight...
Trr Trr Trr

270 of 365 Seasonal / Säsongens

I just love the fields...
and green

Jul 27, 2009

201 of 365 Not Your Mothertongue

190 of 365 Multiples / Måga / Monta

221 of 365 Outdoor Seating / Sittplats ute

11 of 365 Angels or Devils

Tall, lean and beautiful
but devilishly sharp
I don't know the name of this plant but it's standing really tall,
the tallest flowers are about 3 m high

26 of 365 Big Events / Stor tilldragelse / Suuri tapahtuma

Tall Ships' Races 2009,Turku, Finland

Hope you took a peak through the webcams on my site during last weekend.

23 of 365 Bells and Whistles

This time just a beautiful bell and no whistles, at least I didn't see any...

Jul 20, 2009

211 of 365 Oops!


The boys sister didn't catch the ball he threw
and he knew just what to shout...

192 of 365 Musical Instrument / Istrument / Soitin

Musical instrumentS
bending the theme a bit

194 of 365 Nails / Naglar

Nails that rock...
Trr Trr Trr

122 of 365 Girl / Flicka

A girl?
The girl of your dreams?

Jul 14, 2009

249 of 365 Rain, Rain Go Away! / Regn, försvinn!

Looking out my kitchen window most days this July, it's been raining at some point.
Now it's time for the rain to go away!

56 of 365 (Nr 2) Clouds / Moln

We've had a lot of rain coming and going these past few days. Even some thunder.
The clouds are beautiful but...
wouldn't it be nice to have more than 1 or 2 sunny and warm days at a time?

Jul 13, 2009

213 of 365 Orange / Orange / Oranssi

30 of365 Box / Låda / Laatikko

I wanted to shoot a big box for this theme. A box that can hold a variety of items and that can travel far and wide. With a little bit of help.
Now here there are several of those boxes and also the one thing that can move them.
I would love to know what is inside these containers...

3 of 365 A Movie Title / En filmtitel

Jul 8, 2009

293 of 365 Solitary / Ensam / Yksinäinen

185 of 365 Minimalislm

To me this waterfall represents minimalism.
As such it's really nice with the sounds of the waterfall in this large space that combines cafe and entrance in the new wing of Turku University Hospital. It's name is also minimalistic as it's called the T-Hospital. Why, I really don't know. All the big buildings are called by a letter and the rest with numbers, how dull is that?
But then of course they are easier to remember when needed, maybe...

165 of 365 Landscape / Landskap

Part of the Finnish Archipelago in Korppoo

138 of 365 Handicraft / Handarbete / Käsityö

Really old handicraft
I have no clue as to when these could have been made but they are handmade.

Jul 7, 2009

104 of 365 Folkart / Folkkonst

Saaristolaismuseo Houtskarissa, Länsi-Turunmaa, Suomi / Finland
Skärgårdsmuseet i Houtskär, Väståboland, Finland

Visiting the Archipelago Museum in Houtskari last month, this titel just hit me when admiring all the things done by the folks that have been living on the islands year and years ago. True artists, many of them were. The most ordinary things are so extraordinary, most of them ornated more than with initials of the owner. Just simply beautiful as well as practical. More artistic than many designed products we use these days.

126 of 365 Graffiti or Mural / Graffiti eller väggmålning

A bit older graffiti.... or actually now called mural
The door to the sacristy in Nauvo church (Länsi-Turunmaa), Finland
The oldest part of the church are estimated to have been built during 1300-1460, the oldest walls are an amazing 1,7 m thick.
Interior of the same church.
The door is just to the left up front.

112 of 365 From the Sea / Från havet

From the sea - the pole, the bird, the island in the background
also the picture, as I was on a ship when taking this

60 of 365 Communication / Kommunikation

Communication the old fashion way
Colorful co-operation, body language and gestures
Instant understanding on so many levels
all at once

Jul 1, 2009

68 of 365 Cross / Kors / Risti

The beautiful lamps outside the Cathedral in Turku
I just noticed the crosses on the lamps, funny how much more you see with a camera...
Turun Tuomiokirkko, Turku, Finland

Rose 3

My absolute favorite
The shade of pink is breathtaking, like the shade of a whisper...

Rose 2

Rose 1

Visiting my uncles garden a couple of days ago and his selection of roses...

Iris 5

The King of the Garden
don't know what it's called but it's big and beautiful

Iris 4