Jul 7, 2009

104 of 365 Folkart / Folkkonst

Saaristolaismuseo Houtskarissa, Länsi-Turunmaa, Suomi / Finland
Skärgårdsmuseet i Houtskär, Väståboland, Finland

Visiting the Archipelago Museum in Houtskari last month, this titel just hit me when admiring all the things done by the folks that have been living on the islands year and years ago. True artists, many of them were. The most ordinary things are so extraordinary, most of them ornated more than with initials of the owner. Just simply beautiful as well as practical. More artistic than many designed products we use these days.


Chesney said...

You are so right, these are all beautiful in their own right! Nice capture and brilliant thinking!

Danudin said...

You nailed it! Then hung all the equipment on the nails - Sooo Organized. Love the shot.

kaye said...

love looking at old things

Anonymous said...

Ron is so clever, nice shot!