Apr 6, 2009

158 of 365 Industrial / Industriell / Teollinen

The old crane
Wärtsilä factory and shipyard has been situated in the harbour
where now a new housing area is being built around it. Wärtsilä motor factory is still there but the shipyard have moved further away and changed owners and names many times since.
A couple of these old cranes are preserved as reminders of the past.
Ships has been built in Turku as long as the Castle has been here.


Anonymous said...

It is fascinating that the shipbuilding history is being recognized by saving these retired cranes.

Lorri said...

Great take on the "industrial" theme.

Danudin said...

Great Photo of a wonderful contributer to your districts past.

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo and gives me some ideas too. There are several cranes used in the shipyards around New York harbor.