Mar 30, 2009

302 of 365 Steeple / Kyrktorn / Kirkontorni

One of my favorite buildings
and steeples
Turun Tuomiokirkko / Åbo Domkyrka / Turku Cathedral
Turku Cathedral is regarded as Finland’s most valuable monument of architectural history. The construction took place in stages up to the first decades of the 19th century. The greatest changes in appearance happened in the 15th and 16th centuries. Most of the present interior dates back to the restoration after the Great Fire of Turku (1827).
More info in English here.
Thru this link you can get to the Virtual Turku site, where you can take a look inside this church by klicking the round pictures. They will show you a 360 degree viewing, just wait and the picture will start to move.
The site is in Finnish as it's still under construction, but I think the main idea is great.
On the page there are links to other churches in Turku as well.


Danudin said...

Fantastic night shot, you must be so proud of it.

Chesney said...

Very cool night shot, kinda moody and eeire!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely church! I couldn't get the virtual tour to work on this computer but I'd love to see the inside. I'll try later on my other computer and see if I have better luck. Thanks for providing the links...