Mar 30, 2009

336 of 365 Trash Or Treasure? / Skräp eller skatt? / Romua vai rautaa?

This may look like trash
but this excavator isn't finished yet,
it's still a treasure for my uncle.
And a miracle
that it's still there in the garden...
This was my first choice for this theme as "the thing" has been around for so long and really looks like crap.


Danudin said...

Is traffic so bad in your town that you have to drive that to get people to give you a wide berth. great Shot.

Chesney said...

Hey but it still runs and still shows tons of character!

kaye said...

your name is on the tag!

love the picture

my dad had an old blue tractor, when he passed my sister took it and now its working on her farm