Mar 30, 2009

111 of 365 From Ground Level / Från marknivå / Maasta katsoen

From ground level seen,
not exactly a ususal sight here in Finland
but all toghether possible to see in a botanical garden.
And I know those bananas taste really good.


Chesney said...

Very cool image, we don't see those here in Nebraska!

Vita Stunder said...

Häftig bild! :)
Bananer har jag aldrig sett så..

Ha en fin kväll!
Kram! :)

kaye said...

intriguing shot, great perspective

Anonymous said...

Boy, would I love to be somewhere where bananas grow right now! Great shot!

Lorri said...

Nice way to use the theme! It's a very interesting photo--took me a moment to recognize it as bananas!

Danudin said...

Yes we have no Bananas we have no bananas today. I have to give you a hand, no wait you gave one to us! Terrific perspective as they are normally seen so high up.