Nov 23, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

I got my first Christmas present!!!
It's always nice to get mail from abroad, but especially now with all sad things happening. I've been more depressed and sad after my grandma passed away than I really thought to begin with, as have my aunt it turns out. And on top of allt hat I got sick with the flu or whatever virus it is that is pestering us around here. So as a result of all that I've been "down and out" for a couple of weeks.And then one day there was a note in my mailbox that I should fetch something too big for it from the post office. Hmmmm. And it turned out to be a wonderful parcel from abroad, all the way from America to me, something I almost had forgotten that could arrive. What joy!!
In the middle of the gray and rainy world this wonderful little man popped up from the box and told me to believe.To believe in wonders, life and people. Now I'm sure there will be at least some snow this winter.
Thank you so very much 'Screaming Mimi'
You made my day, week and month.
And thanks for Lisa for arranging this swap.


kaye said...

how nice :) And I'm so sorry about your grandma

Chesney said...

How fun is this? You pictures make me believe! :)

lisaschaos said...

He's so sweet! I think I believe now too. :) Yay!