Feb 25, 2009

Yellow Leave - New technique

Today I found Rajsons blog (in Swedish)
with wonderful pictures.
He also told of a for me new techique in PhotoShop, that I found just amazing.
Here is my first attempt with it.
So thanks Rajsons, this is something I've been longing to learn.
Unfortunately this was an old photo, so I couldn't really enter it for 365 in 2009...
but I think it's just beautiful.


Danudin said...

Well I clicked on your link and that certainly isn't my mothers tongue, so I won't learn that technique.

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool, Brita!

Anonymous said...

For those wanting to try this technique and need instructions in English, see this thread at Elements Village:


skywind said...

This picture is really very good, giving the feeling of what kind of brighten.


Vita Stunder said...

Vilken häftig bild! :)

Det där måste jag helt klart kolla upp lite närmare!

Kram Anna

Anonymous said...

Very cool technique! Love this image, and have really enjoyed your blog so far - looking forward to more!!